Saturday, March 20, 2010

Going to the beach......

Yesterday we checked and it said that Lincoln City would be sunny with temperatures around 64 degrees, so we loaded up the bus and headed to the beach for the day!!!

Road trip to the beach....view from the back of the bus when we were about halfway there!!

On the beach in Lincoln City where it was ACTUALLY cloudy....SUPER windy...and 52 DEGREES


Matt and Sarah on the quest for sandcastles

No matter the location....there is never a dull moment in our family

Ryan catching air with a running jump on the beach....

Matt who ALWAYS brings a football with us to the beach....

I think this was the point where Tori said, "Wow Mom, the weather is GREAT and I'm having SO much fun..." -- but I could be mistaken....

 We rechecked the weather on our iphone and it said the weather in Tilamook was we decided to head 40+ miles north to find the blue sky!!!  This is the view from Cape Lookout!!!

We stopped at "Ryan's Gallery"

Then we stopped at Cape Meares and visited Oregon's SHORTEST Lighthouse

We hiked the .1 mile trail to the Octopus tree (and were thankful after seeing the tree that the trail wasn't any longer)

Unfortunately, the clouds followed us North and it was getting misty, so we decided to head home late in the afternoon!!!  This is the view from the cliff near the Octopus Tree.

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