Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend.....

On Thursday Matt called from work and asked what I was doing on Saturday....because he scheduled me for a 5 1/2 hour day at the spa!!!!  Such a wonderful surprise!!!! 

So, on Saturday I headed to Lake Oswego to Alyce Esthetique Day spa!!!

My morning started out at the spa in robe and slippers and breakfast.  Then I headed into a room for an hour long facial.  Next was "hydrotherapy"...where they have a custom made tub that is wide in the back and skinny at the foot end.  They fill it with warm water and bubbles and then turn on the 27 is like having a personal hot tub.  While relaxing in the tub, the masseuse comes in and gives a neck, shoulder and scalp massage.  After that, it was time to head to another room for a 1 hour massage!!  By then I was so relaxed I had a hard time staying awake!!!  Next on the agenda was a catered lunch from Tucci's restaurant (italian is my favorite!!!) and then one last treatment ...hydrating leg and foot massage!!  Pure bliss!!!

On Sunday I woke up to a beautiful flower boquet...

then after church Matt and I headed into Portland and went to the Yard, Garden, and Patio show at the Convention Center.

For some reason, in my head, this was going to be the street of dreams version of backyard landscaping.  I had my camera, planned to take tons of photos so I could create the backyard of my dreams.  Instead...there were about 5 dream patio versions --- my favorite was similar to the photo above and the rest was like walking through a back yard rummage sale.  Not really what I expected at all.

Afterwards we headed into Portland...

Heading over the Burnside Bridge into Portland and the famous Made in Oregon sign

Portland on Valentine's day 2010....We love this city!!!!

Another photo of the city on Sunday!

For lunch we headed to the Governor Hotel, where our favorite Portland restaurant Jakes Grill is located.
(photo above is from the internet)  While I had a mimosa and crab & shrimp stuffed sole, Matt had a pepsi, pastrami sandwich and fries.  Can there be an odder combination for lunch????

When we arrived back home, it was family time again.  The kids filling themselves on their Valentine's candy and then we were off to get dinner at Abby's Pizza.  If you aren't from the Pacific Northwest...what you need to know is Abby's Pizza is the best there is...and on Valentine's Day it is a tradition to have their heart shaped pizzas!!!

Abby's Special ---- true pizza love!!!

Taco bliss!!!!

Tori took some Valentine's Day photos......Me, Sarah and Matt

True love.....

Isn't he romantic......


In honor of Twilight.....I'm a vampire....

Totem pole

Where are my teeth?????

Phew......there they are!!!

Attack of the Ryan.....

It is a crazy life.....but it is our life!!!!

The night ended with Tori and Sarah putting on a honey and oatmeal face mask.  This is the reason every girl should have a sister!!!!

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