Monday, February 8, 2010

Matt's birthday today!!!

Today was Matt's birthday!!!  His motto for the day was "don't tell anyone"...he strictly informed me that he did not want me to email, or call anyone at his place of work and let them know.  "My birthday isn't a big deal!"  Seems rather ridiculous to me, since everyone who knows me KNOWS that my birthday is my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE day of the year!!  But, I figured, after being married to him for 15 years, and together for 19, if I want to be together another 20 years, I should probably do as he wishes!!!

So, instead of letting anyone know!!  Sarah and I drove up to Vancouver, to visit him at work and take him out for lunch!!!!

Matt let Sarah choose between Azteca Mexican Restaurant, Olive Garden and Red Robin....of course she chose Red Robin!!!!

....and because Sarah doesn't have to follow the same rules his devoted wife does, Sarah made sure she told EVERYONE at Red Robin it was her Daddy's birthday!!!  She was thrilled when they came to sing to him and deliver his ice cream sundae...."That's all for you, you don't have to share buddy" she told him!

In the evening we had homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza and then for dessert Cold Stone Creamery's Coffee Heath Bar Ice Cream Cake!!!! 

The candles are lit and the kids are ready to sing....

Look at Sarah eyeing the cake (unfortunately right before dessert Sarah was sick to her stomach and apparently has the flu--nice birthday surprise for Matt...running the carpet shampooer... TMI?) so she didn't get a slice of cake this evening.

Blowing out the candles!

Happy Birthday Matt!!!  We LOVE you!!!!

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Julie said...

Happy Birthday Matt!! I love your family!