Friday, February 5, 2010

Battle of the Bands

Each year the middle school puts on a Battle of the Airbands Fundraiser.  Students can put together a band, choose their music and then put on a performance on the local Fine Arts Theater Stage!

This year Tori and her friends decided to put together their band.  They named the band "Insert Name Here" and chose the song "Like a Surgeon" by Wierd Al Yankovic!

"Insert Name Here" on performance night!!!  Tori has the yellow guitar!

End of the show, with the DJ and all of the bands, during the award ceremony

"Insert Name Here" wins BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!

It is so good to be a "rock star"...check our those fans!!!!!

"Insert Name Here" wins ROCK THE VOTE!!!  As part of the fundraiser, at the school, they sell rocks for 50 cents each.  Students are encouraged to buy rocks, and place them in their favorite band's jar!!! 
Above the girls are receiving their "Golden Rock"!!!!

End of the ceremony....We are SO proud of the girls!!!!!

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