Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tina's Birthday!!!!

Friday was my birthday!!! As everyone knows it is my FAVORITE holiday of the year (sounds a bit narcissistic -- but true!). The celebration actually began last Friday when my parents took me to Mamma Mia in Eugene and then out to dinner. On Thursday my friend Mechelle surprised me with a WONDERFUL poppyseed and raspberry cake and a gift certificate to my favorite spa! I woke up Friday morning with Ryan, Ryley, Tori and Tyler bringing me breakfast in bed. They came up with the idea to make cereal, toast and waffles. There was a side of pancake syrup so my waffles wouldn't get soggy, and a small plate where they had put small portions of butter, apple butter, peanut butter and jelly, so I could make my toast however I wanted. Such a nice surprise! While walking the kids to school a friend came out of her home and surprised me with a HUGE vanilla bean scented jar candle (I still have no idea how she knew it was my birthday) and when I arrived home, there was another gift on my doorstep! A lemon custard scented soy candle (have I mentions I LOVE CANDLES?????). Sarah and I took a trip to Milwaukie Oregon to my FAVORITE scrapbooking store "Stamp A Dee Doo Dah" and then to Michaels in Oregon City, Oregon. We finished off our trip by stopping (where else????) at Starbucks! I received gifts and cards and emails from all of my family and friends and then once the kids were out of school we headed out for popsicles!!!!! Brandon arrived back in town from Outdoor school at 4pm and we spent the evening hearing about his adventures on the coast. I made one of my favorite dinners --- Breaded chicken with parmesan and marinara sauce, and for dessert we had my FAVORITE dessert -- Triple Chocoate brownies. The kids gave me a pedicure kit and Tori and Tyler decided to treat me to a home pedicure (may I just say having kids is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!). We finished off the night by playing Hide in Seek in the dark for 1/2 in hour in our home. Playing in the dark with 8 people takes on a whole new meaning. There is nothing like walking through a dark room and knowing at any moment someone may reach out and grab you and scare you to death. Or, hiding in a place out in the open and having someone walk past you a dozen times not even noticing you and realizing NO WONDER PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF THE DARK!!!

Below is a video of the camp songs Brandon came back and taught the kids. They were my after dinner entertainment! It is hard to hear the words on the video but they are singing a rap version of Humptey Dumptey and then adding in various songs like Jack and Jill, ABCs etc. Pretty funny to watch.

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