Monday, May 19, 2008

A little fun in the sun on Monday night!

It has been a long time since I've posted on our blog. Truth be told....the sun came out and we ran outside to make sure we didn't miss a minute of it! Oregon is beautiful and green, but our sunbreaks have been far too few the last few months.
We spent the weekend in Gervais, Oregon watching the twins play baseball in our first tournament of the season. They have 2 more tournaments coming up. They won their first two games on Saturday, lost their first game Sunday and won their championship game, placing their team in 3rd place out of 8 teams. The boys did great. Unfortunately, I didn't take any good photos, thus the reason I don't have any posted!
Today was 87 degrees, and not only are the rains supposed to be back for the rest of the week, the temperatures are supposed to go back down to the upper 50s as the high. So, we drove 3 minutes down the road to a local park tonight to enjoy the last of the sunshine!

Our picnic at the park along the Molalla River!
Our 6 little monkeys!
There's no more room on the merry-go-round!

We almost lost Ryley on this ride!

The kids beg Matt to spin the merry-go-round as fast as he can. I stood back waiting for them to fling off one by one!

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