Saturday, May 10, 2008

Road trip to Silver Lake

Today we took a road trip 1 1/2 hours north to Silver Lake Washington and went to Mt. St. Helen's Visitor's Center! The idea was to go up and see the mountain and maybe do a little hiking but the mountain wasn't out (completely hidden by low clouds) and the road was closed due to ice and snow to the mountain. We did enjoy the visitor's center
and watched a 14 minute movie about volcanos and the extent of damage caused by Mt. St. Helen's eruption in May of 1980. We took a walk along the wetland's nature trail that was located at the visitor's center. On our way home we toured (by car) the cities of Kelso, Longview and La Center Washington!

Lilly pads in the wetlands....Sarah was desperatley trying to find a frog on the lilly pads, but had no luck!
View of the wetlands!
The wetlands, with Silver Lake in the distance --Mt. St. Helens should have been visible in the background, had it been a sunny day.
Our wonderful family (and a my little pony).
Sarah blowing a "wish flower" Tori found for her on the trail.

I was taking a picture of a HUGE rainbow trout I found in the water...didn't come through on the photo though.
Ryley, Tori and Sarah outside the visitor center.
A rare photo of me!!!!
Our family with Silver Lake in the background!

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