Saturday, May 3, 2008

It is a crazy busy weekend!

This weekend is surely a sign of things to come as the kids get older! Friday night I dropped Tori off at a birthday slumber party at 5pm. Brandon was invited to a birthday party that was starting out at the local pizza parlor and then they were heading to Clackamas, Oregon to go to the premier of the movie "Iron Man" at 6pm. Ryan and Ryley had to be in North Canby for a baseball scrimmage that was starting at 6pm. So Matt took the twins, I took Brandon and then we met up to watch the twins' game!
Saturday morning, Tori had to be picked up from her party at 11am, and I left for Eugene, Oregon at 11am to meet my parents. While I was away, Matt had to get the twins to baseball practice at 12pm, and get Tori ready for dance photos (hair, make-up, the works!!!) and have her to the church where the photographer was set up from 1:30 - 2pm. The twins were to be picked up at 2pm as well!
So, I headed south to Eugene for my stress free day!

I met my parents in Eugene, and here is a photo of their new car! They bought an Acura TL and the car has all the bells and whistles. Leather interior, voice activated blue tooth technology as well as voice activated navigation and only 3 miles on it when they took possession. I took the photo above with my iPhone in the parking lot where I met them. I'll post more photos tomorrow when my dad sends them to me via email!
My birthday present from my parents was a ticket to the show Mamma Mia! The show was FABULOUS!!!

We went to The Hult Center to watch the play

Some silly frogs inside The Hult Center! I took the photo for Tori Lynn because she LOVES frogs!

I gave Matt a quick tutorial before I left on how to apply Tori's performance make up and how to curl ringlets into her hair (I have a new appreciation for parents of children in show biz). He took the photos below to prove he can handle ANYTHING!
Miss Tori ready to go in her recital costume!
Her ringlets as per instructed!
And, her make-up done to perfection!!!

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