Saturday, January 29, 2011

A little trip to paradise........Day 1

This year, my friend Julie and I turn 40, so we decided to start our year off with a little trip to paradise!!!!  We booked a cruise on the Carnival Victory and flew to Puerto Rico!!!!!

After checking in our luggage, we headed out on foot to explore Old San Juan!!!  Our first stop was the Capital building.

 The ceiling of the capital is all done in mosaic tiles, and tells the story of Puerto Rico

They still had Christmas decorations in place.  Here I am in front of the Christmas tree.

 Next we toured Fort San Cristobal
 View to the West from the WWII Observation Post
Loved all the colors along the streets of old San Juan...if you look closely you can see all of the traffic along the streets...bumper to bumper....we were glad we arrived early because of the traffic jams that came in the early afternoon.

 Photo taken at the fort
 Me with Puerto Rico in the backgroud
View to the east from another WWII observation post

 The heat and walking throughout the town had us stopping at Hard Rock Cafe for a beverage!
Our bartender.... Obviously he is used to tourists and we asked him if he'd pose for a photo!

Old Harbor Brewery was another stop....we sampled some of their microbrews

 We browsed at the open air markets along the  pier and stopped at La China Dulce (orange juice)
 Where a guy with something similar to the "rotato" peeled oranges and we bought one for 50 cents
Julie with the peeled orange...You just eat it like you would an apple.  

 Loved the frog peeking over the top of the building.

A view of one of the cobblestone streets in Old San Juan

A pirate ship that was docked near our cruise ship.  Pretty neat, but not neat enough that we wanted to pay $10+ to walk on the deck 

 A view of our ship at port -- taken from the top of Fort San Cristobal
Another view of the ship, taken while walking along the pier
 The view from the 11th floor facing the back of the ship
 Another view...
 The adults only area ....we spent several hours on our day at sea on this level laying out in the sun
 In the evening
 Leaving port at 10pm, and the party begins...there is a Congo line heading our way in this photo
The Red and Black lounge where we listened to people singing karaoke

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