Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 4 -- Barbados

Barbados was definitely one of our FAVORITE islands (our other favorite was St. Kitts)

We decided to spend a day on the beach and took a taxi to Payne's Beach.  This is the first island we came to that had the steering wheel on the right side of the car.
 We rented our chairs ($5 each) and this was our view for the day....

White sand beaches and crystal clear water as far as the eye can see.

The big white building at the end of the beach, we thought was a resort (we were told we were on the beach where celebrities stay and we were sure that was the location), until the locals told us that is owned by an english gentleman that oversees UK soccer.  The home has to be 30,000+ square feet.  Not bad for a vacation home!!!

The wall surrounding the home has lush vegetation.  We were hoping to get a decent photo when we walked by, but this is the best we could do.

 A few hours after arriving at the beach, along came a catamaran that was an excursion option from our ship.  They threw out chum for the sea turtles and you could go snorkel by the catamaran and view the turtles/sea rays.  We didn't have a snorkel and didn't go, but a guy next to us did and was the lucky winner of a turtle bite on his leg.
 Paddle boarder along the beach
 Julie with Peter...who gave jet ski rides to tourists......he also gave Julie his number....  that was good for a bunch of laughs
Guy in the tree collecting coconuts
Taking a walk along the beach before we had to head back to the ship

We came around the bend and there was Shady Lane Resort which is where the celebrities stay while visiting Barbados.  

 Security along the beach outside one of the mansions
Back at the ship they had a steel drum band

At port....saying goodbye to Barbados

 That evening at dinner the waiters danced on tables to the song "Apple Bottom jeans"...
They know all the Zumba moves....very impressive

One of our favorite desserts in the evenings .... chocolate lava cake and vanilla ice cream

Back in our room that evening with our towel animal......not  positive what it Dinosaur????

 Another view.....
Rear view......

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