Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 6 -- St. Kitts

 St. Kitts was our other FAVORITE island!!!!  We took a taxi to Cockleshell Bay where we spent our entire afternoon!!!

 One of the locals set up beach chairs in the middle of the beach, and as his first customers he gave us a deal on our chairs!!!  He also had a cooler of Carib beer (the brand of the Carribean) on ice that he sold for $2 a bottle.  Too bad I didn't like the taste of it.
 View down the beach to the right
 My view of paradise for the day.  The island in the distance is Nevis island.  Known for the Four Seasons resort and golfing.
 This islander offered $10 horseback rides along the beach (from one end of the beach round trip).  He had the skinniest horses I've ever seen.
 In the water
 The horses surely enjoyed their time in the water cooling down.  He kept them busy with tourists riding them (while he'd sneak off and leave the tourists and visit our chair man Leroy for an iced cold Carib beer)
 Crystal clear waters and Nevis island
 And a few hours after our arrival, came the catamaran from our ship, for their "beach excursion".  Too bad they only got to stay a little over an hour.  We were there for 6 hours :)
 Julie with her Carib beer in the Carribean.  Life doesn't get much better than that....
 We had lunch at the Reggae Beach Bar and Grill
 The view from our seats
 In the Carribean you buy your beer by the bucket....Unless you have that case he keeps the cooler filled with ice and charges you A LOT less per beer
 The ladies room at Cockleshell beach....Julie's washing her hands
 I loved this quote that was hanging above the bar "Vows made in storms are forgotten in calm waters"
 View looking into the open air bar and grill
This pretty much sums up my day on Cockleshell beach.  A lot of snorkeling, some reading (great book by the way.. Summer People by Elin Hilderbrand), and a starfish I thought was dead and put it in my purse, then reached into my purse and found out it was alive and immediately returned it to the sea.

 Happy go lucky guide....guess a lot of sun and several beers makes life pretty grand
 Cockleshell beach was filled to the brim by the time we left at 3 in the afternoon
 Our taxi driver stopped along the way back so tourists could take some photos
Favorite part about this island.... To the left is the Atlantic ocean (choppy) to the right is the Carribean (smooth)  Both are beautiful.  Cockleshell Bay was at the end of this strip of land on the Carribean side.  In the distance you can see a mountain with clouds just above it..that is Nevis island.

 The bay where I want a vacation cottage when I win the lottery :)
 Our taxi driver with Julie...his taxi name says it did his business cards.  Yes, he ALSO gave Julie his number.....another round of laughing ensued. 
 Museum back at port
 Heading back to the ship
 Leaving port that night
 The setting sun......
 Looking down to the Lido deck was the man that Quacked every time he saw us and then yelled "Hey Oregon girls"....we met him at the sports bar during the BCS game Monday night
 A view of the deck as evening falls
 Leaving the port
 Another rabbit, this time with a pair of our sunglasses
Me with the bunny.....I was exhausted at midnight and headed back to the room while Julie spent a few more hours at the casino playing Let it Ride

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