Sunday, May 10, 2009

It is a Tina weekend!!!

My friend Jennifer pronounced this weekend as "a Tina weekend" since my birthday was Saturday and Mother's Day was Sunday. My sister-in-law suggested making this "Tina Week"...I'm thinking I like the way she thinks!!!

Saturday morning Matt surprised us with "Syrupy banana nut overnight French Toast"

It was SOOOOOOOO good!

Ryan decided to entertain us with his "monkey face", which I must say, definitely resembles a monkey!

My birthday morning was spent out in the country, with all blue sky and low 70 degree temperatures at Tyler's baseball game. I have a friend whose son was on the opposing team, so we visited for the 2 1/2 hours the game took. Tyler did great...playing short stop and left field. He walked twice and got a base hit!

Matt asked what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday...I told him to just have the kids make cupcakes. Funniest mix didn't rise. Not sure why. Had to take the photo above because I was laughing when I saw them.

Tori frosting the "mini" cupcakes!

It is all about the sprinkles!

I love these girls!!!!

Tyler, Koda, and Ryley

My 38th birthday celebration!!!!
For Mother's Day I woke up to breakfast in bed!!! Juevos Rancheros!!! Ohhhhh so good!!!

Then Matt and I headed to my favorite garden center to get plants for all of our pots and hanging baskets!!!
While we were out working in the yard Ryan found the longest worm we have EVER seen!!!!

And what was Matt doing???? Well, it appeared we had a water leak from what we assumed was a broken pipe from our sprinkler system....The good news was, there wasn't a broken pipe!! A few weeks ago, we had 90 degree temperatures and I attempted to turn on the valve for the sprinkler system...apparently (OOPS!!) I turned a water release valve instead and it flooded the corner of our yard :) The bad news for Matt was, that after he dug out the area, I decided I wanted him to lay Flagstone in that area (instead of just leaving it all dirt)!! So, it was off to Home Depot in the afternoon for more plants and flagstone!!!

My sweet Sarah (who is sick with a stomach virus today) in front of our blooming rhododendrons in the front yard!!!

After a wonderful barbecued dinner, we went on a road trip playing with my new toy (birthday gift from Matt and the kids--- they know I'm a gadget geek!!!). We programed the GPS unit to have the voice of "Dr. Nightmare". It is HILARIOUS. The vehicle on our GPS unit is currently a school bus (seemed fitting since we drive a 12 passenger van that is always filled with kids).
Then it was back home for a black jack tournament!!!! The kids had a blast and Tyler won!!! Pieces of Laffy Taffy were worth $100 each in our game!

Brandon going (almost) "all in" (holding onto 2 red chips). I told him I wanted to take this photo, so when I won (as dealer) I could take another photo when he lost it all......NO second photo taken, because he doubled his money!!!!

Our day ended with turtle brownies and ice cream, and a very thankful Mom in the house! I truly couldn't wish for a better family!!!

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