Sunday, May 24, 2009

Double P weekend...Painting and Pool!!!

We NEVER travel on holiday weekends! We'd rather stay home and do things around the house while the crowds leave town!!! So, this weekend has been a weekend for painting and pool preparation!

For the last couple of months I've had blocks of color on the walls trying to decide what color to paint our great room. I decided on Devine Paint's "Mocha" color. Below are some "before and after photos"!

Above is the new "pool view" from our great room windows (borrowing that term from the resorts that boast about such things). It is the only place large enough in the back yard to hold the pool!

We have deemed this summer, the "summer of yurting and swimming", so we bought a pool for the backyard!!!

Waiting for the pool to fill.

Tyler thought it might fill faster if he held the hose, rather than leaving it hanging over the side of the pool!

Ryan "living the life"

Pool still not completely full, but the kids couldn't wait to get in. Who can blame them?
Floating the afternoon away!

Tori lounging on the patio!!!


Brandi said...

Too much fun! I love the walls! You did a great job. I think I might steal some of those ideas for color!! :~)

Erik and Mary said...

That paint looks great! Good idea! What a fresh new look!