Sunday, May 17, 2009

First tent camping of the season!

The weather has hit the 80s, which means it is camping season for the kids!!!! Those who know us, know that Matt and I will "yurt", but the kids love to sleep out in the tent, so we set up the tent in the back yard last night and Ryan, Tyler, Tori and Sarah had their first night out of the season!

Miss Tori with her wild static hair!

Matt with Sarah pitching the tent!

Our campers!!!!

All snug in their beds...when we first moved in to our house, we slept 5 kids and a pregnant me in the tent...apparently they were all a lot smaller because we couldn't fit any more people in the tent even if we wanted to!

Sound asleep......well, all but 1!!!

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Brandi said...

Too fun! Looks like a great time!