Thursday, January 1, 2009

True Oregonians take road trips in the POURING rain

To celebrate a new year, we decided to take a road trip in the pouring rain and fog up the Columbia River Gorge. We received record breaking levels of snow that has mostly melted and it has been raining all week, so the waterfalls were raging!

Heading up the gorge. Just trace amounts of snow left.

Our first stop was Vista House which was closed due to the weather.
The Vista house in the rain and fog

View to the east from the parking lot.

What looks like a chocolate stream (thinking Willy Wonka here) on the road leaving Vista House.

Next stop was Latourell Falls

The falls were raging and looked like a foaming chocolate latte!

Bridge near Latourelle Falls
Checking out the trails in the pouring rain!

Falls along the road way on our way to the next destination

Another raging waterfall along the roadway...just ahead the road was washed out and crews were place tons of rock to stop the flow that was pouring over the roadway.

Our next stop was Wahkeena Falls

A drenched Matt and Sarah in front of Wahkeena Falls

The kids in front of the falls (Brandon chose to stay in the van)

Next stop was Multnomah Falls Lodge

Multnomah falls in the upper left and due to record water levels an additional waterfall to the right of Multnomah falls. The lodge is on the lower right!

View of Multnomah falls while leaving over the bridge.

Our last stop was Horsetail Falls...this one was by far our favorite. The water was raging and you can see the spray coming from impact with the water below!!!

On the way home we stopped and took a photo of Willamette Falls . These falls are 10 miles from our home. The water level is so high now it doesn't even look like a waterfall anymore...more like a large rapid!!!

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