Sunday, January 18, 2009

Basketball and Bad Boys weekend!

This weekend we were on the go non-stop! Ryan's basketball team played in the Molalla tournament. Saturday they played 2 games. The first game was vs. McMinnville. Our team was short 2 players (out of 9), their team had a surplus and a height advantage. Halfway through the game, a jump ball situation got aggressive with one of McMinnville's players falling on his back directly onto the basketball and paramedics had to be called..he was taken away by ambulance on a stretcher (good news, he is only out for a week we found out Sunday). Our team lost to McMinnville by 20 points.

We came back for our evening game vs. Stephens and they didn't have the extreme height advantage, but had some very talented boys on their team. We had to leave the game with 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter (heading to Portland) and we were up by about 8 when we left. We found out Sunday morning we won that game by 1 point.

Ryan #21, notice the height advantage???


Making the shot

About to pass...

Saturday evening Tori, Ryan, Matt and I went to Newmark Theatre in downtown Portland where we went to The Bad Boys of Dance. The show was AMAZING and even Ryan loved it (he had his doubts). They put on a great show...great music, great dancing, and great comedy throughout the performance.

Matt and I at the Newmark Theatre (photo by Ryan)

Tori and Ryan hanging out at the Newmark Theatre prior to the performance. I wish you could see what the view was like from their seats. You look down 3 stories to the lobby of the building and the artwork of the ceiling was unbelievable. I tried to take a photo, but didn't do it justice. In fact, it was pathetic, and therefore isn't posted on this blog!

After the show (around 9:30pm)we took the kids out to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Matt thought we should have been seated in the cable car!

Ryan and Tori

Ryan living the life....his shake was made at "the bar" and the bartender made it "man size"!

Sunday morning we were back in Molalla for the second half of the tournament. Our first game was against Stephens (who we played the night before and won by 1 point). We won the game 33-21!

Our championship game was vs. McMinnville (the team that beat us the night before by 20 points). Our boys all played phenomenal and we won in overtime 41-38!!!

Our championship team!!!! Ryan is 2nd in the front on the right.

Below are a couple videos Matt took on Saturday. Ryan is #21!

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