Friday, January 16, 2009

Hooked on Facebook

Well, it happened. I signed up for an account of Facebook, and it seems that catching up with many old friends has taken time away from our blog! With that said, you now know the reason there haven't been any posts lately and hopefully this weekend I will find some time to catch up with the latest and greatest from the family. If you have a facebook account, be sure to look me up and see what we are up to on a daily basis.

For a quick update on the family ---

Matt is working away non stop and is happy to see a turn for the better at the dealership. Hopefully this turn continues as February and March a generally very slow.

Tina has been busy on Facebook, catching up with friends, trying to come up with a paint color for the laundry room, and running the kids to each of their events.

Brandon -- IS A TEENAGER! We can't believe he is already 13! His passion at the moment is practicing his bassoon for a solo competition he has coming up in February.

Ryan -- is our Super Jock and playing Point Guard for his basketball team. That boy has natural skill and put on quite a "wow" performance last night vs. Wilsonville. He's taken it upon himself to spend all of his time after school teaching Tyler everything he knows.

Ryley -- is not participating in anything at the moment, which makes him our #1 babysitter while we are out and about at all the kids' events. At least he's making a ton of money! :)

Tori -- is staying busy with her acrobatics and jazz classes. She has her first dance team performance tonight at the high school basketball game. Her dance team is performing an 8 minute routine to the songs of the movie Grease. She'll be dressed up in a poodle skirt...should be great fun. Oh....and the other big news. She got her "palette expander" (which we refer to as a retainer) yesterday. Her mouth is a bit sore, but she doesn't seem to mind it. She of course had it made in the color purple with a frog on it (since her nickname is "Toad").

Tyler -- is playing basketball and is doing really well. He is also playing point guard and so having Ryan there to give him tips has been great!

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