Sunday, September 14, 2008

This weekend's football games

Brandon and Ryan both had football games this weekend, and as luck would have it, they were at the exact same time. Brandon's game was in Hillsboro, Oregon. Ryan's game was in Canby, Oregon.
Brandon's team colors were almost identical to Liberty's team colors, so our team had to wear the yellow mesh jerseys. From the stands it was hard to see our player's numbers, so I only took a few photos from the stands.
Brandon is the player on the right.
The turf field was very nice, although Brandon had a few rough tackles and said he had rubber and turf go up his nose which was very unpleasant.
Brandon's team won the game 28-0. Their is a rule in the Tualatin Valley Football League that states that teams cannot have more than a 32 point spread. If they do, the coaches will be fined and the win will go down as a loss in the official play book for the League. Thus, the second half of the game was extremely boring.
Ryan's team played Sherwood, Oregon which both boys say is our town's biggest rival. Ryan's team lost the game 42-18.
Ryan calling the play as quarterback.
Ryan on the sidelines
Ryan playing quarterback
Ryan playing quarterback again

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