Sunday, September 28, 2008

The first pumpkin patch trip of the season!

The weather today was sunny and warm (mid 80s) so we decided to take a road trip out to our first pumpkin patch of the season! We are fans of TLC's Little People Big World TV show and this was their opening weekend at their farm, so we headed out to The Roloff Farm.

They were offering 2 tours this year. The first tour we took was called "The Original Town Tour".
While on the tour we saw Molly and Jacob in front of their house.
At Western Town we met Mr. and Mrs. Roloff (the grandparents). We had the opportunity to visit with Mr. Roloff for quite some time and he has to be one of the kindest and genuine people we've met.
Ryan and Ryley in front of the Sheriff's office
Matt in the Western Town Saloon
Tyler and Ryley at the Post Office
Brandon fittingly chose the Barbershop to have his photo taken at since we tend to disagree on what the appropriate hair length for him should be. He likes the long shaggy look.
Sarah and Tori sitting at the Sheriff's desk inside the Western Town Jail
Mr. Roloff took our picture near the jail cell.

The kids (minus Ryley) in front of the church. On our second tour -- which they called "The New Scenic Tour" Zach drove the tractor.
Sarah loved the tractor rides.
If you watch the show, you'll recognize the sign.
The barn they call "Barn #1. The back half is where the producers edit the show, the front half is the farm office area.
The Roloff's sport court (free for airing it on their show). The kids asked if we could get one.
The view of the back of their 6000 square foot home.
After the tour we had the opportunity to meet Amy Roloff.

Jeremy Roloff was constantly surrounded by young ladies. I'm not sure if that has to do with the tour guide announcing that he is now single....hmmmm.
Heading down to the pumpkin patch.
Sarah picked the perfect pumpkin.
So did Brandon.

Ryan chose the one I would have chosen!

Tori's was so big we didn't think she'd be able to lift it.
Tyler couldn't lift the one he chose so he decided to sit on it for his photo.
Ryley lifting his monsterous pumpkin.
Tyler always the clown in the group.
Tori decided to take a break in the wagon.Our crew with their pumpkins!
A group effort getting the pumpkins up the hill to be weighed (148 pounds!!!)


R. said...

Hi Tina,
I linked to your site from the Roloff board. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures on opening day of the pumpkin season at Roloff Farms. Your family is adorable and the information and pictures of the Roloffs were fun to read about and see. The house is huge!
Thank you again.
Rorie, San Diego

chris mccaw (macshill) said...

Aw... how cute. But I updated the Roloff house picture for you. Oh, no need to thank me. It's MY pleasure! :-)