Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another weekend on the go

We were on the go this morning bright and early and doing the "divide and conquer" method of getting all of the kids to their events.

Matt started off the morning leaving around 7:15am with Ryan to head to Milwaukie, Oregon for his football game. His team played Rex Putnam and they tied the game 13-13.

Meanwhile I took Tori to try out for the local dance studio's dance team. Keep your fingers crossed for her... she'll find out if she made the team on Tuesday.

This afternoon Matt and I drove out to Newberg to watch Brandon play football (have I mentioned how nice it is now that the twins can babysit????). His team lost 12- 25.

This evening Tori and Brandon have friends over for the night. Note you will only see a photo of Tori and her friends on the blog because they asked me to come in and take some photos of them being silly.

Note -- It IS NOT COOL for me to come up and ask Brandon and his friend to allow me to take a picture so I didn't attempt to take my camera upstairs for a boys photo shoot.


Erik and Mary said...

Wow! I can't believe the twins are old enough to babysit! How crazy! Too funny on the not cool mom trying to take pix! ;-)
I don't know how you and Matt do all that you do! Way to go Team Tishendorf!!! ;-)

Julie Lowell said...

oh my boys can babysit now, kinda sad :( makes me feel old. GIve all my kiddos lots of hugs and kisses from me