Sunday, August 17, 2008

A weekend in Tieton Washington

We spent the weekend in Tieton Washington visiting Matt's Dad and Step mom! It was our first visit to their new property!

The temperature on Saturday was near 100 so the kids spent most of the day in their HUGE swimming pool!


Ryan and Brandon

Matt with Tyler
The view from David and Mary's back yard. The mountains are gorgeous and the property is surrounded by orchards.
Tori, Sarah and Matt
Tori and Matt taking a break

A close up of the mountain range with the orchards

Trying to improve my photos in black and white...Brandon with Tori trying for a bubble affect.
Our handsome Ryley
Chek... worn out from playing ball with the kids.
View coming down the hill from Tieton to Naches Washington.
We stayed at The Best Western Lincoln Inn in Yakima, Washington. The hotel was great!
Tyler volunteered to stay in the "girl's room". Sarah in the background left and Tori on the right.
Sarah was so exhausted from her long day of swimming that she passed out on the bed.
Sunday we spent the morning visiting and then went into Tieton to see the downtown area. Then it was back to the pool for hours of fun in the 106 degree weather!
On our way home we stopped by Stonehenge, a war memorial for 13 WWI vets from Klickitat County that lost their lives. We didn't stay long in the 104 degree heat.
View to the East of Stonehenge
View to the West of Stonehenge with the bridge that connects Oregon and Washington

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