Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Double Header at PGE Park

Last night we went to a double header at PGE Park. The Portland Beavers played the Fresno Grizzlies -- it was "bark in the park night" so people could bring their dogs with them. (Only in Portland, Oregon right?????) Why people would want to sit 6 hours with their dog at a game, when there isn't much room makes no sense to me, but sure enough, many people brought their pets. In fact, there was even a St. Bernard and a Great Dane. Sarah made sure she pet every dog she came in contact with and reminded us on the way home we "need to get a new dog" since we sold her other puppy with the intention of moving.

"Facing the Crowd" mask in front of PGE park. Ryley and Tyler behind it.
We arrived at the park at 5:35pm!
The scoreboard in left center field is manually operated! It is 60 feet wide and 7 stories tall. It was fun to watch the people taking the numbers off and replacing them.
The "girls" section. Mallory and Sarah in the front, Tori behind and Morgan on the right.
Our friend Bret watching the game with Sarah's "noculars" and playing with his toy ponies!
We were put on the big screen!! You can see me taking the photo of the screen with Ryan and Tyler in the lower right. Our friends Bret, Mallory and Sarah behind us.
Sarah and Matt
The boys... Ryan, Tyler, Ryley and our friend Roman
Brandon (he got a game ball!)
Sarah LOVED Lucky the Beaver
Leaving PGE Park at 11:10 pm
One last shot with the "Facing the Crowd" mask

Tori would dance every time they'd play music!

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