Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tori's dance recital this weekend!

This weekend was Tori's dance recital! Her jazz class along with all the other classes in the Allegro Studio put on a wonderful 3 hour performance with the theme of "Channel Surfing". All of the dances were based on television shows or commercials.

Tori Lynn prior to her first performance Friday night!
Saturday evening -- Aunt Linda, Grandma, Tori, and Omie!
Tori with both of her grandmothers!
Grandpa, Tori and Uncle Dave
Tori's fans!!!! We love you Tori Lynn! You were amazing!

After Saturday evening's performance with flowers from Uncle Dave and Aunt Linda, Grandma and Grandpa, Omie and Daddy!

Tori came home Saturday evening and put together a beautiful floral arrangement!

Tori performing to "Who let the Dogs Out" (Channel -- Animal Planet)
Tori is in the front left

Tori performing in "The Adams Family" (Channel -- Showtime)

Tori is in the front on the left

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