Wednesday, June 4, 2008


At last night's baseball game, Ryley was hit in the head by an incoming pitch. Watching the video in slow motion shows that when he lifted his left hand it knocked his helmet off and the ball hit him square on the temple.

While we were leaving the ball park Ryley asked me. "What does a concussion do". I told him it would make him dizzy and make him throw up and it just means his head is injured.

He asked "Will I lose IQ points?" I told him no. He said he is sure that he saw something that said with concussions you lose "IQ points".

So, later that night after Matt and Ryan get home from the game and we watch the video Ryley is getting ready for bed (and is going to sleep in my bed) and Ryan asks why Ryley has to sleep downstairs. I told him Matt was going to wake Ryley up every couple hours just to make sure he is okay.

Ryley says, "Yeah, because I may be so DUMB NOW (refering to the lost IQ points) that I may forget to BREATHE"

Ryley this morning....just a bit of a black eye and slightly swollen. What a trooper he is!

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