Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It is all about "The Toad"

For those of you that do not know the story about how we named Tori, let me share with you my thought process. After Tori was born, we couldn't decide what to name her. We liked the name Sarah, but our two favorites were Tori and Sidney. Matt is known for giving people nicknames. So, I thought it would be a bad choice to name her Sidney, because she would then be called "Sid" and that didn't sound girly to me. Having 3 boys I wanted something that was feminine. Thus, I also didn't want "Victoria" because the options could be "Vic" or "Tori" and Vic wasn't an option I wanted. So, we decided on Tori Lynn.
Well, we brought little Miss Tori home, and Brandon was 2 1/2, the twins were 16 months old. Brandon called her "Toady". So, the name stuck, and now that she is 9 her family nickname is "The Toad".
The other day I found some fabric and decided to surprise her by making her a pillowcase with frogs on it, which she fell in love with.
I went into her room this evening and saw that she set up a toad display on her bed. She now has her "toad" pillowcase, a toad that we gave her for Valentines day, one that we brought back from Las Vegas for her and one from her friend Sarah!

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