Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Soccer has started!!!

On Friday the kids voted for a "lazy day". They love just being home with no schedule and not having to be any specific place at any specific time. It was a really good choice since the weather went from sun, to rain, to hail, to intermittent snow (YES, SNOW). Not that any stuck to the ground here in Canby. Matt emailed from work at 8am to say it was snowing in Vancouver, Washington and continued to snow for 2 hours!!! Now, I must say, I AM looking forward to snow once we move north -- if that ever happens. With the housing economy we may be here another year.

Saturday was the start of Ryan's soccer season. We bundled up and headed to the field at 10am. At the time it was overcast, 41 degrees, with a slight breeze. By the time we had our chairs set up along the field the wind kicked in, along with the rain and the storm continued until 11:20 (about 10 minutes before the game ended). People were using umbrellas to shield themselves from the wind that was biting cold and holding down any belongings so the wind wouldn't blow them away. The game was really good, the team did really well with the ending score 29 - 0!!!

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