Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ryley received his FIRST love letter today!

Well, Ryley is quite the ladies man....he recieved his first love letter today!

Just so everyone knows, I asked his permission to post it on the blog!!!! The letter reads;

Dear Ryley,

I secretly have a major crush on you. Don't mention this note to ANYONE. I have been wanting to tell you for about a year. There, I said it.


Your Secret Admirer

(Hint: I'm Tori's best friend)


Erik and Mary said...

WOW that is awesome about the kiddos conferences! Way to go kiddos! You must be very proud parents! Good job to you both on an excellent form of parenting! You both are very involved and that makes a WORLD of difference! AND HOW CUTE is that love letter!!! I love that you posted it on the blog! ;-)

Anonymous said...

was it really his first 1?