Thursday, March 13, 2008

Results of the kids' conferences!

Ryan -- Doing great in all subjects. Has really taken a liking to science and is really getting into the different projects. Is definitely a leader, respectful and courteous! No concerns!

Ryley -- Performing well in all subjects and in June he will be given a leadership position in Biz Town (an extracurricular town set up in Portland with multiple businesses. The kids literally run the town for the day. Last year Brandon was Mayor, unfortunately Mayor isn't an option for kids this year, but CEO, CFO, etc will). I brought up Ryley's handwriting as a concern because to me it is like chicken scratch. His teacher feels strongly that Ryley's mind works much too fast for his hands and that because Ryley is highly intelligent (he told us to pursue TAG in Middle School for him) it is something we won't be able to fix. He sees great things for Ryley and considers him brilliant! (WOW!!!!)

Tyler -- Tyler is doing great! He is above grade level in english and at the top of his class in Spanish. He is nearing above grade level in Spanish as well. His teacher said he is very respectful and when it comes to writing (which they do in Spanish) he goes above and beyond. They are only required 1 sentence and he always fills the page..never tries to do only what is required of him. It was interesting during the conference because his teacher spoke to him in Spanish the whole time and he comprehended everything and responded to the majority of their conversations in Spanish! At the end of the conference the teacher played a video of a presentation Tyler did in Spanish on Abraham Lincoln (which of course was all in Spanish) and I was amazed at how much I actually understood -- having gone into this program with no knowledge of Spanish at all. I can't wait for a Mexico vacation with our little interpreter!

Tori -- She is excelling in everything and her teacher is giving her additional work. For the upcoming research project, most students are required to do a small poster and do a speech on their topic. Tori will be required to do a large project tri-fold board as well as a computer PowerPoint presentation to the class. She is doing top notch work and her teacher is very proud of her accomplishments. He has challenged her to try and master her multiplication facts -- a sheet of 100 problems in 2 minutes.

Brandon --- Didn't have a conference this time around, but did receive straight A's again!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the great grades Brandon. You keep on rockin. =)

Anonymous said...

great grades