Sunday, February 10, 2008

Matt's birthday!!!

We celebrated Matt's birthday on Saturday! We went out to eat at Claim Jumper where we had an excellent meal and great service. In fact, the manager noticed that all of our entree`s didn't come out at the same time, so he treated us to dessert. A HUGE slice of ice cream pie. It was literally about 10 inches high and 6 inches wide, AND an eclair dessert (enough to feed 9!!!). There was vanilla bean ice cream on the bottom, piles of custard filled eclairs, covered with chocolate ganache and whip cream! Right before we left the restaurant the manager came over and gave Matt a box and said, "Take this home and put it in your fridge. Once the kids are in bed, enjoy it!" It was a HUGE piece of their "mother lode cake"! Picture of the "slice" is below. We weighed it and it is 2 pounds!

Matt opening his gifts!
The front of the "Mother Lode" cake2 pounds of chocolate bliss!

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