Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome to America!!!

This morning, we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our exchange student from Korea who will be spending the week with our family!!!  

Our local middle school is very involved in Peace Advocacy, and has a sister school program with Dae-Seo Middle School in Daegu, Korea.

Sarah, Tyler, along with Tori and her friends holding signs to welcome the exchange students!!!
Tyler, Tori and Sarah with their signs to welcome Soyoung to America!!!
Everyone was so anxious for the bus's arrival!!!
Trying to find Soyoung!!!

Welcome to America Soyoung!!!!
What's more American than a baseball game!!  Our first stop of the morning was to the ball field to watch Ryan and Ryley's team play baseball!!!  Tori introduced Soyoung to Sunflower seeds!!  She saw them and said "Ohhhhh, that is what hamsters eat!!!"

Matt's Dad and Step-Mom spent the weekend with us!!  We took a family photo before they left in the afternoon!!!

In Korea they don't have Halloween, so we introduced Soyoung to some of our family traditions!!  Visiting a local pumpkin patch and going through a corn maze!
Sarah found a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch!
Sarah, Tyler, and Tori
On a hayride....Soyoung said they don't have hayrides in Korea
Family photo in the pumpkin patch
Soyoung's gift to Tyler -- "Brick" 

Gifts to our family from Soyoung!

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