Saturday, January 9, 2010

Celebrating Brandon's birthday

On Friday morning Sarah announced she wanted to "bake a birthday cake for Brandon in my Easy Bake Oven"!!!  Brandon was at school, and was going to be coming home with his 4 best friends to celebrate his birthday!!!

Sarah frosting Brandon's birthday cake!

The finished cake!!!

Now, I have to share that Sarah was SO excited about giving him the cake, that when Brandon came home with his 4 friends, Sarah couldn't wait to deliver it to him.  So, out to the garage she went.  The five boys were out weightlifting and she presented his "birthday cake".  Brandon asked for 5 forks, and all of these 8th grade boys took part of the cake.  Priceless!!!!

The boys, Ryan and Tori all headed out to the middle school dance for the evening, then came home for cake and ice cream.

Singing Happy Birthday to Brandon!

The party participants....note the candle placement in the number 14 (done by Tyler)!!!

After cake and ice cream Matt took all the boys (except day he'll be old enough) to the late showing of Avatar in 3D.   Everyone LOVED it!!!  They said the movie was great and the graphics were AMAZING!!!

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