Sunday, January 24, 2010

Basketball and Cinderella

What a crazy, busy weekend we had!!!!  Matt is assistant coach for Ryan's basketball team and they had a tournament this weekend (luckily it was in town)...with 2 games on Saturday and 2 games Sunday!!!

Ryan is under the basket in white on the left.  I tried to capture him catching the pass.  Apparently I need to work on my "sports photography skills"!!

Time out....Ryan's Canby team was playing the other Canby team!!  Great game....would have been phenomenal had we won!!!

The dance studio where Tori and Sarah take their dance lessons put on a ballet performance at the Fine Arts Center.  Sarah's 4 year old dance class performed a dance...they were "dragonflies".  Note here -- I ran the room backstage for all of the performances and learned very quickly NOT to call them "fairies".  There is a BIG difference between "Cinderella dragonflies" and "fairies". 

Sarah back stage.

Tori volunteered to come with me for both performances and helped entertain all 20 "dragonflies".  She brought a big bag of books and read them stories.

Tori with the dragonflies organizing a game of "duck duck goose"

Some of Tori's friends were the room ( performing as "Serfs" in Cinderella).  They joined in the fun.  To make it fair, the older girls were told they had to be "blind" when they took a turn to be "ducks". (This validates my photo skills......her eyes are SUPPOSED TO BE CLOSED in this photo :)

Who knew dancers had so much fun backstage????

Cinderella with Sarah in the pumpkin

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