Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend update.....

What's up at the Tishendorfs this weekend???  Ryan's basketball team had their first tournament.  Saturday Ryan played 2 games......and we headed out to Red Robin.

Matt (assistant coach this year) on lower left, next to Ryan #21

Sarah offered to take photos of the basketball game..... first shot....her shoes.

Second shot....interesting angle...she said she was photographing the newspaper....

Sarah hanging out with her wild haired Barbie

Sunday Ryan had his last game in the tournament.  Then we headed out to our favorite restaurant The Oswego Grill for lunch.  Ryan actually fell asleep on the way home while we took a short road trip to look at some homes for my cousin, who will be moving to town next week!  I tried to get a photo of him sleeping but he heard me unzip the camera case.

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