Friday, December 25, 2009

Tishendorf Christmas 2009

Wow, what a whirlwind week we had leading up to Christmas.  We were on the go doing errands all week, and finally had some down time Christmas Eve to enjoy the holiday.

We went to the early Christmas Eve service at our church.  Photo above is of Sarah on stage during story time!  They had a candlelight service and we were very pleased that Sarah didn't set anyone or anything on fire....not that it has been an issue in the past.....but 4 year olds and lit candles...well, you never know what will happen!

After dinner the kids drew numbers to see who would be the first to open their ONE gift Christmas Eve.

Tori was first!!!  Of course she chose the largest present....

New moon poster and frame....already hung up on her wall so she can stare at it from her bed.

Sarah was next.....she wasn't excited at ALL (just kidding)

An Easy Bake Oven "Just what I wanted" she said after opening it.  Of course, she said that after EVERY gift she opened.  NOTE to Easy Bake Oven company:  NO LIGHTBULB???? REALLY?????  Next year include light bulbs, so little girls can immediately go and bake their cakes!!!!

The new Battleship game for Ryley

Tyler with his present.....which was recycled Pokemon cards from upstairs.....It was a gag gift....

Tyler with his real gift ---  Nine year olds + Nerf Bows = a great Christmas Eve!!!

Brandon opted for the "squishy" package, knowing it would be clothes and he could get them over with.

Ryan opted NOT to go with the "squishy"  package.  Instead went for the smaller package and found nerf darts and gum......kind of a bummer gift.....clothes would have been better he was thinking....until Brandon informed him that his REAL gift was set aside and it was a gag gift.

Ryan with his Nerf basketball set for his bedroom.  Exactly what he was hoping for.

Our next stop was outside, to throw out reindeer food for Santa's reindeer...

1....2.....3...... Jump and throw!!!!  Tori caught some serious air!!!!

Sending the last of the oats and glitter into the air

Then it was back inside the warm house where the kids played with their toys, Grandma, Sarah and Ryley played Battleship and I made Cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning!!!!

We were hoping for a white Christmas, but the only snowflakes we saw, were the ones designed personally by our family!!!

Santa came and filled our stockings....and I'm sure he took the time to view the beautiful pictures the kids posted on the fireplace as well!

Santa left a few presents under the tree.....

....and then it was time to experience Christmas Bliss!!!!

The boys' home gym....look forward to photos in Christmas 2010 of the "BUFF Tishendorf boys"...they may have to put out a calendar....Ryley said if I want to use it, I may be featured in "Rough Chicks" calendar.  Now there's something to think about!!!!

A happy Sarah ......"it was just what I wanted"

Sweet Tyler

Sisters......Tori got Sarah "just what she wanted"

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!!!

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