Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some girly time

With school back in session, Sarah and I have our days together alone again.  It is her last year at home, before the dreaded 2 1/2 hour Kindergarten days that will come next year.  (Then what on earth am I going to do with all that alone time??????)
This was the first official school day for Brandon, Ryan, Ryley and Tori, and of course Tyler was on day number 2 of the rockin' 4th grade year (note is a great sign when he couldn't wait to go to school this morning).
After walking Tyler to school, Sarah and I headed out to join friends on "the PaTAYo"(our friend has an amazing outdoor living area that must be given the fancy name of PaTAYo, rather than referred to as a simple patio), and enjoyed pastries and great conversation throughout the morning. 
In the afternoon, when we arrived home, Sarah decided to choose some flowers from our garden and brought them in to arrange them.  You just have to LOVE a girly girl :)

Trying to arrange flowers in what she quickly realized was a MUCH too small vase.
Her finished flower arrangement!!! 

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Brandi said...

love it,
miss those girly times!!
They grow up too fast.