Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Snippets from our week

Now that school is in session, most of our days are spent on the go.  Matt has his 45 + minute commute to Washington, and the kids always are going in one direction or the other, so I spend my days doing what we now call "The Tishendorf Shuffle"!

Today I downloaded my photos from my iphone that I took this week, and that is going to have to do for our post of the week!!!

Some crazy clouds on September 14th....the calm before the storm.

Got mums??????  I bought this plant in a little 4" container 3 years ago.  Every year it gets bigger and bigger!!!!

Saturday's football game vs. Sherwood.  Canby won 26-8!!  Good news was we got to play on the actual High School field and were under the cover, while it rained off and on (note here more ON) throughout the game. 

Football photo with Ryan..he's number 23 back center in blue.  He plays tail back on offense and corner back on defense.

Sitting outside yesterday in the sunshine, reading a book and took a photo of our back yard.  Fall is coming....although it is my favorite time of year I'm sure going to miss all the greenery when it is gone.

Hazelnut orchard on the walking trail by our house.  Today Sarah and I stopped and watched as hazelnuts kept dropping from the trees!!!  'Tis Hazelnut season in Oregon!!!

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