Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Hot Springs weekend in Kahneeta!

On Friday, the whole family headed up to Mount Hood in the morning to do a little "Alpine Slidin'" on the mountain!!!
Ryan and Matt on the chair lift!!
Tori and Tyler on the chair lift up the mountain!
Matt with Ryan right behind him on the slide!
Matt and Sarah on the chair lift with Mt. Hood in the background!!
A track full of Tishendorfs....Matt with Sarah, then Brandon and behind him is Ryan!!
Ryan ....Look, NO HANDS!!!
Tori in Grey, flying down the last of the slide before the traffic jam....
Tina and Sarah at the end of the slide!
After a quick picnic lunch on the mountain, we headed to Warm Springs, Oregon to stay at the Kahneeta Resort!!
We were told Kahneeta was out in the middle of nowhere on the Indian Reservation.  They weren't kidding!
The teepee village we stayed in for the weekend!!!  The teepees are 21 feet in diameter with a cement slab floor, fire pit in the center and a picnic table!
The kids in front of our teepee!  Notice the flaps that are open on the top???  We learned when the rain hit, even when you close them, there is still a large enough opening for the rain to come in!!  Luckily it only sprinkled for an hour or so :)  Also, there is no "door".  There is a canvas flap that hangs down (aka lets in a draft in the night)!!!
We were in the bear teepee... or "oso" teepee for our Spanish speaker in the family (Tyler)!
Ryley standing in front of our teepee.  The building behind him on the left is the restroom/showers and laundry!  Yep, we were really roughing it this weekend :)
View from our teepee looking west....mountain and the building to the right is the restaurant/Kahneeta village store.
 View Northwest from the restaurant.
View of the pool from our teepee village.  The pool is heated by the mineral hot springs and it is like swimming in warm bathwater.  Admittance to the facility is free if you stay in the village and to ride the water slides they charge $4 per person per day.  Well, worth it!!!
The water slides!!!! 
View from my patio lounge chair!!!  Ryan is on the left walking to the pool and Matt, Brandon and Sarah are along the edge of the pool!!!!  Good times! 
Matt lounging pool side!
The kids haning out in the pool!!  Best part of being in a family of 6 kids????  You always have someone to hang out with, wherever you go!!!
In the evenings we strolled around the grounds.   The family on a path that takes you from the RV park to the basketball courts and playground.
View looking south from the above path!!!  Scenery and sunsets were gorgeous!
Tori Lynn, can you believe she is heading to middle school this year?  We can't!!!
Guess which Tishendorf....

There is a reason Brandon's email is "bookwormB"
Brandon, Ryan and Matt hanging out while Sarah plays on the playground.
On the way home Sunday, we stopped at Frog Lake with the hopes of giving the kids the opportunity to catch some bullfrogs and maybe have a picnic lunch.  Plans changed when we arrived and found the lake to be covered in misquitos, NO frogs and plenty of bees near the picnic tables.  

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Brandi said...

looks like some good times. I have never stayed in a tent like that. looks like fun!