Sunday, August 23, 2009

A "Good Eats" weekend

We have been on the go SO much this summer, and with school right around the corner, and football underway (Ryan is playing, Matt is assisting as a coach) we were happy to have a weekend with nothing to do but take it easy!

We watched the show "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives" on the Food Network on Saturday morning and the show had Bunk Sandwiches in Portland as a recommended hot spot for some good non-typical sandwiches. So, Matt and I headed into Portland Saturday afternoon to try it out!!!

"Bunk" is the diner with the black awning....notice the line on the sidewalk....all waiting for the best sandwiches ever!!!!

45 minutes in line, and we finally were able to place our order to go!!! The diner is so tiny, there wasn't any place available to sit and eat. The sandwiches were definitely worth the wait, and as always, the people watching while waiting was THE BEST!! There is nothing like a little free entertainment in the streets of Portland to remind you that the city's motto is "Keep Portland Weird"!! Apparently the new fashion in the city is to wear boots (80 degree summer weather) with tube socks pulled up to the knees with mini skirts. We saw this on more than one person, although one lady only wore 1 sock. Who knew????

Tyler's birthday is Monday, and by Thursday he had already decided on his birthday day menu!!! For breakfast he wanted eggs, sausage and toast. For lunch he wants chips and grilled cinnamon toast peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!! For dinner he wanted to go out for his favorite meal....Mexican food!!! Matt and Ryan have to be at the football field Monday evening so we decided to have his birthday dinner an evening early!!!

Tyler at Los Dorados (our favorite local restaurant)!!!

The whole family with our huge servings of food!!!!! After dinner we headed next door to Ryke's ice cream parlor for dessert!!! So far, Tyler is thinking it is pretty good to be "almost 9"!!!

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