Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ripstik is the newest craze at our house!

The latest craze in our town is the Ripstik. If you aren't familiar with one, it is like a skateboard, however it only has 2 wheels that toggle, and to ride it you must first learn to balance on it, and then twist your lower body back and forth to create a wave motion to keep the board moving. Brandon took a "wave boarding" class last week at school, so of course, the boys decided they wanted to all chip in to buy this latest "hot item". Matt and I spent quite some time today trying to learn to ride it, but you will see, there is no video of us! Not a pretty sight!

You can find out more information about them at, then click on the "how to ride" link.

Ryley riding the ripstik .... then Brandon riding the ripstik

Ryan riding the ripstik

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