Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tishendorf and company rock band!

The Christmas gift that has gotten the most use so far is the game simply known as "Rock Band" for the Xbox 360. It was a gift to the kids from their Great Grandma Hamlin! "Thank you Great Grandma!!!!!!!" The game comes with a microphone, drums and guitar and as you watch the TV screen each "rocker" has to attempt to karaoke the chosen song, keep the rhythm on the drums and hit all the notes on the guitar. After playing just one song we have a new sense of respect for the musically gifted!

Tori singing, Brandon on drums and Ryan (GO DUCKS!!) on guitar!
Tina's Dad on drums and Brandon on guitar!

(Note the audience on the couch!) Brandon on drums and Tina's brother Mike on guitar!

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