Monday, November 12, 2007

A teary goodbye to Odin

With the upcoming sale of our home and relocation, we decided it would be in Odin's best interest to find a new family for him. We put him on Craigslist on Thursday and Friday night his new family came to pick him up. It was a very tearful goodbye, as we have raised him the last 9 months. Below are photos we took that evening before the new owner and his sons came to claim him. The good news is the new owners live in Camas, Washington (where we will be relocating). They have a large fenced yard for him to run in, and 3 boys (ages 9,11, and 18) that are very excited to make him a part of their family. They invited us to come and visit when we move up north!

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Erik and Mary said...

Awww how sad! Had we known I know Erik would have been adopting that little cutie! HE LOVES boxers!HAve you found a new house yet?